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Egypt, Michael Flynn, Argentina: Your Evening Briefing
Here?s what you need to know at the end of the day.

Militants Kill 235 in Attack on Sufi Mosque in Egypt
The terrorist attack was the deadliest in modern Egyptian history, officials said. The president vowed to retaliate.

Scene of Deadly Attack at Egypt Mosque
At least 235 people were killed when militants detonated explosives and sprayed gunfire at a crowded Sufi mosque near Egypt?s Sinai coast.

Who Are Sufi Muslims and Why Do Some Extremists Hate Them?
A terrorist attack in Egypt has focused attention on the mystical school of Islam, which emphasizes the inward search for divinity.

A Split From Trump Indicates That Flynn Is Moving to Cooperate With Mueller
Lawyers for Michael T. Flynn, President Trump?s former national security adviser, are said to have terminated an information-sharing agreement with the president?s legal team.

Why Putin?s Foes Deplore U.S. Fixation on Election Meddling
?Enough already!?one critic of President Vladimir V. Putin said, worried that the accusations were helping the Kremlin polish the president?s image as a master strategist.

He?s a Member of Congress. The Kremlin Likes Him So Much It Gave Him a Code Name.
Longtime ties to Russia have led to some suggestions that Dana Rohrabacher, Republican of California, is a valued asset there. He has laughed it off, but now investigators are calling.

Does Race Matter in America?s Most Diverse ZIP Codes?
Vallejo, Calif., is the rare city where no one ethnic group predominates. But stubborn disparities endure.

?Nothing Against You?: For a Black Man Covering Race, the Story Is Never Far From Home
Being surrounded by racial diversity, my conversation in a California diner suggested, can make people feel more comfortable with biases and stereotypes.

Nafta Talks Have High Stakes for Two Texas Bridge Owners
Private crossings to Mexico are a rich franchise under the North American Free Trade Agreement, but discussions on reopening the accord have put that bonanza at risk.

Black Friday 2017: Seeking New TVs to Watch, and Sneakers to Resell
Americans who were driven to shop for Christmas deals ?and turn a profit ?were in line early and on their devices in droves.

Why Stand in Line on Black Friday? The Psychology Explained
Lines on Black Friday are different from lines at the supermarket, often causing emotional behavior and generating a carnival atmosphere.

Op-Ed Columnist: Saudi Arabia?s Arab Spring, at Last
The crown prince has big plans to bring back a level of tolerance to his society.

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Oh, No! Live Drama and Unwritten Humor
Let us give thanks for those occasional onstage mishaps that make even the feeblest theatrical productions memorable.

Opinion: An Algorithm Isn?t Always the Answer
I didn?t even know I was looking for the things that now make me happiest.

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: The Bad News on ?Good?Girls
What parents want for their sons versus their daughters can set up dangerous dynamics in the future.

Op-Ed Columnist: On Feeling Thankful but Fearful
America gave me so much, but are we still that country?

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Bridging the Canyon Across the Holiday Table
In the Trump era, we?ve reached peak domestic hatred.

Op-Ed Columnist: America: The Redeemer Nation
Trying to find a new national narrative.

Editorial: Telling the Truth About the Cost of War
As civilian casualties appear to rise, the American military is not acknowledging the extent of the problem.

Oscar Pistorius?s Murder Sentence Is Increased to 15 Years
South African prosecutors had said the six-year sentence that the sprinter received for killing his girlfriend in 2013 was ?shockingly lenient.?

Trudeau Apologizes for Abuse and ?Profound Cultural Loss?at Indigenous Schools
The Canadian premier said former students of boarding schools in Newfoundland and Labrador ?face adversity today?because of their schooling.

Ireland Edges Toward Snap Election as Government Teeters
A motion of no-confidence in the deputy prime minister, filed by the main opposition party, could end a fragile coalition just as Dublin wrestles with Brexit talks.

Mary Adelman, 89, Fixer of Broken Typewriters, Is Dead
For decades, her shop on the Upper West Side of Manhattan was a fixture in the lives of writers desperate to keep the words flowing.

Uma Thurman Calls Out Harvey Weinstein and His ?Wicked Conspirators?
In a sharply worded Instagram post, Ms. Thurman had a message for the producer, who has been accused of sexual assault: ?I?m glad it?s going slowly ?you don?t deserve a bullet.?

Italy, Bracing for Electoral Season of Fake News, Demands Facebook?s Help
As a crucial election nears, leaders like Matteo Renzi are on high alert for fake news and foreign meddling.

Miles From Flint, Residents Turn Off Taps in New Water Crisis
Waste from a shoe factory has tainted groundwater in a Grand Rapids suburb. Some residents are skeptical of Michigan officials, who botched the response in Flint.

Zimbabwe?s New Leader Stirs Fears That He Resembles the Old One
Former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa succeeded the leader he helped to topple, Robert Mugabe, who had held the office since independence 37 years ago.

The Neediest Cases Fund: From Afar, He Confessed His Love. Via an App, He Attended His Wedding.
When his dream of moving to New York came true, he realized he was leaving his dream woman behind in Sudan. The couple talk regularly, but ?even four times a day is not enough.?

New York Punk, Out of Retirement
Rockers from the downtown scene of the 1970s and ?80s are keeping the flame alive, and their gray-haired fans are happy to party like it?s 1979.

Modern Love: An Optimist?s Guide to Divorce
She fell in love with a married man. He told his wife he wanted to split up. How did they all end up as close friends?

Art for the Holidays: A New York Visitors?Guide
We offer tips for avoiding crowds and list the shows worth seeing this holiday season.

How to Lower Your Blood Pressure
Medical guidelines have changed, and now about half of Americans may qualify for the diagnosis of hypertension. Here?s what to do about it.

Editors?Choice: 7 New Books We Recommend This Week
Suggested reading from critics and editors at The New York Times.

Tech Fix: How to Buy a Great TV This Black Friday
Black Friday tends to be when prices for great TVs drop to their lowest. But there are pitfalls, so we put together a playbook for how to snag the best TV for you.

100 Notable Books of 2017
The year?s notable fiction, poetry and nonfiction, selected by the editors of The New York Times Book Review.

Protestants and Catholics Meet, on the Cricket Pitch
A cricket match between the Anglican and Catholic churches has the goal of fostering unity.

Review: ?Bombshell?Tells the Amazing Story of Hedy Lamarr, the Star and Inventor
In this diverting documentary, Alexandra Dean tells the life story of Hedy Lamarr, a scandalous woman turned star and inventor.

A Wave of New Fiction From Nigeria, as Young Writers Experiment With New Genres
Nigeria has become a major exporter of literary talent, and now one publisher, Cassava Republic, is expanding to the United States.

Two Very Young Dancers, Living the ?Nutcracker?Dream
Each year two lucky girls are cast to play Marie in New York City Ballet?s ?Nutcracker.?This year?s Maries tell us what it?s like.

Economic View: Laptops Are Great. But Not During a Lecture or a Meeting.
A growing body of evidence shows that college students generally learn less when they use computers or tablets during lectures. That is probably true in workplace meetings, too.

Where It?s Made: Parmesan Cheese
Visit a parmesan dairy in northern Italy, where Parmigiano-Reggiano originates and learn how the cheese is made.

Personal Health: Clearing Up the Confusion About Salt
Excess sodium is responsible for most cases of hypertension, a leading risk factor for heart attacks, strokes and kidney failure.

Trilobites: ?Crazy Jigsaw Puzzles?Improve Our Views of Coral Reefs
An analysis of 3D photomosaics of reefs in the Pacific Ocean could help scientists better understand the health of coral around the world.

Modern Love: Your 13-Word Love Stories
We asked readers to share succinct summaries of their personal lives. Here are some of our favorites.

A Photo of Billy the Kid Bought for $10 at a Flea Market May Be Worth Millions
Experts say it?s a rare, valuable tintype of the famous outlaw, with Pat Garrett, the man who later killed him.

Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Why Men Aren?t Funny
The post-Louis C.K. reckoning is actually the best thing to happen to comedy in a long time.

Rites of Passage: My Vagina Is Terrific. Your Opinion About It Is Not.
I dared to discuss my anatomy. Men couldn?t handle it.

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