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Washington Post
Washington Post: Breaking News, World, US, DC News &Analysis
Breaking news and analysis on politics, business, world national news, entertainment more. In-depth DC, Virginia, Maryland news coverage including traffic, weather, crime, education, restaurant reviews and more.
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Eight women say TV host Charlie Rose sexually harassed them ? with nudity, groping, lewd calls
The women, who were employees of Rose or aspired to work for him, told The Post that the longtime TV host made unwanted sexual advances toward them, including lewd phone calls, walking around naked in their presence, or groping their breasts, buttocks or genital areas.

Rose suspended from CBS News; PBS and Bloomberg suspend show
Glenn Thrush, prominent New York Times reporter, suspended after sexual misconduct allegations
The Fix: Accusations against Charlie Rose and Glenn Thrush feed the ?fake news? narrative
Facing accusations by second woman, Franken shows no signs of plans to resign
?He put his hand full-fledged on my rear? at the 2010 Minnesota State Fair, the woman told CNN. In a statement, the senator did not deny that the incident took place.

The Fix: Six thorny questions for Washington on sexual harassment
Justice Dept. sues to block AT&T?s bid for Time Warner, sets up major antitrust case
The suit is fraught with legal and political risks for both sides. Several Democrats have expressed concern that antitrust officials could be seeking to block the $85 billion deal because the Trump administration has been highly critical of CNN, which is owned by Time Warner, a charge that the White House and Justice Department have denied.

Trump administration to end temporary residence for 60,000 Haitians, giving them 18 months to leave
The decision not to renew the Temporary Protected Status came after the Department of Homeland Security determined that the conditions justifying their presence following a 2010 earthquake ?no longer exist,? according to a senior administration official.

Trump golf course reimbursed President Trump?s charity amid ongoing probe of the foundation
The money had been used to settle a lawsuit against the club, according to a new tax filing. The charity also confirmed in the filing what Trump said last December: He plans to shut down the foundation once the attorney general?s investigation is complete.

There is something truly historic about Trump
Luring Amazon to your city: A how-to guide
The only way to defeat Roy Moore
The GOP readies itself to welcome Roy Moore
J. Edgar Hoover, not just Robert E. Lee, should go
Time for Republicans to denounce this tax nonsense
In the area where U.S. soldiers died in Niger, extremists have deep roots. Were they aware of the risk?
Residents, Nigerien officials and analysts say it is clear that the U.S.-Niger team was operating in an area where many villagers sympathize with the Islamist militants or are forced to assist them. It is not clear how aware the soldiers were of the threat.

Study says House tax plan would add to the deficit, challenging GOP claims that the bill would pay for itself
The study from the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center said the bill would add $1.3 trillion to the national debt over a decade, even after accounting for new economic growth from the bill.

My mother spent her life passing as white. Discovering her secret changed my view of race ? and me.
A mother?s refusal to talk about her mixed race only fueled her daughter?s curiosity. How had she deceived her racist white husband? Why was she so fearful and ashamed of her black heritage? The mystery only intensified as her daughter tried to sort truth from fiction.

A Border Patrol agent is dead in Texas, but the circumstances remain murky
Union officials said Rogelio Martinez was killed, apparently bludgeoned with rocks. But the FBI released a statement that did not confirm that he and another agent were attacked.

Chris Matthews diagnoses the Democratic Party's 'deplorables' problem
The MSNBC host says Democrats alienate the white working class by talking about it sneeringly. ?You call them ?deplorables?? They hear it. You bet they hear it. ... ?Thank you. I?ll be voting for the other guy this time.??

Hunters are livid over Trump?s delaying of a decision to end the ban on elephant hunting trophies
In voicing their indignation, hunters were careful not to blame the president. Instead, they faulted animal rights advocates, ?hysterical anti-hunters and news media outlets.?

Uber to buy 24,000 autonomous vehicles from Volvo, a move expected to advance self-driving cars in U.S.
The deal could set the stage for something entirely new: thousands of autonomous vehicles ­transporting customers without a human ­operator, the beginning of a ­multibillion-dollar robot revolution that could dramatically reconfigure how people get around.

Unexpected friendships between animals and their humans
Dinosaurs, gods and marshmallows: A Thanksgiving science quiz
Updated: How Trump is changing America?s foreign policy
See what stars wore on the AMA Awards red carpet
The scene in Zimbabwe as Mugabe is recalled as ZANU-PF party leader
Here are 13 of the week?s best photos
Keystone XL clears key hurdle, but Nebraska panel backs a different route for pipeline
For Trump, fighting with athletes is political sport
Trump golf course reimbursed President Trump?s charity amid ongoing investigation into the foundation
Trump returns North Korea to the very short list of nations labeled as terrorism sponsors
Trump returns North Korea to the very short list of nations labeled as terrorism sponsors
Another Chinese human rights lawyer is going to jail
One Air Force pilot dead, another injured after plane crash in Texas
A Border Patrol agent is dead in Texas, but the circumstances remain murky
Thousands of strangers gave a sick child an early Christmas. Days before Thanksgiving, he died.
A Border Patrol agent is dead in Texas, but the circumstances remain murky
Trump administration to end provisional residency protection for 60,000 Haitians
Inauguration protesters were ?playing a role in the violence and destruction,? prosecutor says
Al Franken's 'Saturday Night Live' era was full of jokes disparaging women
Why it would be nice to have a functioning State Department, Part LXVII
Attention, fence-sitting Republican senators: Here's what's at stake in the tax vote
When companies buy harassment insurance, they?re not protecting the victims
Va. holds off certifying tight House race amid new claims of ballot mix-ups.
Woman sexually assaulted on American University campus by driver she thought was from ride service, police say
Woman killed after car backs into her in District Heights, Md.
PM Update: Clear skies and cold temperatures tonight, warming up nicely Tuesday
The SEC, once again, holds the keys to the College Football Playoff race
White House: Trump didn't mean what he said about leaving UCLA players in Chinese jail
Wife of Raiders coach says she regrets voting for Trump after Marshawn Lynch criticism
Critical stretch early in third period costs Capitals in 4-1 loss to Flames
James B. Comey: A Zen-like tweeter, revered as a Trump troll
Joseph Abboud?s suits aren?t hip, but they?re made in America. Can that make them cool?
Lady Gaga tries on yet another new hat at Capital One Arena ? but it doesn?t quite fit
Time to treat twins as brothers, not half of a set
Are there ways to solve ?Transparent?s? Maura problem? Yes, plenty.
Felonius Munk?s ?Nothing to Lose? is a Second City winner
?Nina Simone? raises a fist at Arena Stage
What kept Henry Fonda and James Stewart friends for 50 years?
The most cutting-edge gifts for the techie in your life
Apple won?t launch its HomePod smart speaker in time for the holidays
Election officials move closer to placing new rules on Facebook and Google
Nintendo promises more Switch and SNES Classic units on shelves for the holidays
What to know about the FCC?s upcoming plan to undo its net neutrality rules
Uber signs deal to buy 24,000 autonomous vehicles from Volvo
Americans are feeling richer these days, but they won't necessarily be spending more on gifts
Hot holiday toys: Oonies, Fingerlings, Legos and some 'surprises'
Foreign Service leadership being 'decapitated' and 'depleted at a dizzying speed'
House confronts sexual abuse by its own
Q&A for federal workers: FEHBP premium anomaly
Court rejects ouster of No. 2 leader from largest federal union
Jana Novotna, remembered for tears of sadness and then joy at Wimbledon, dies at 49
Pancho Segura, bowlegged tennis champion of the 1940s and ?50s, dies at 96
Della Reese, star of long-running TV show ?Touched by an Angel,? dies at 86
Charles Manson, cult leader and murder-rampage mastermind who terrified nation, dies at 83
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