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BBC News - Home
BBC News - Home
Italy bridge: State of emergency follows Genoa disaster
Italy's prime minister says it will last 12 months, and promises €5m to the Liguria region.

Italy bridge collapse: 'We just ran for our lives'
Nicola and Lisa Henton-Mitchell survived the bridge collapse with their two children in Genoa.

Kabul suicide bomber kills 48 in tuition centre attack
Teenagers preparing for university entrance exams are among the dead on a day of bloodshed.

Trump ends ex-CIA head John Brennan's security access
The US president accuses John Brennan, an outspoken critic, of "erratic conduct and behaviour".

Sudan boat accident: 24 schoolchildren die near River Nile
They were on their way to school in northern Sudan when the boat capsized in a strong current.

Face transplant: A 'second chance' for young suicide survivor
Surgeons say they have given Katie Stubblefield a "second chance at life" with the complex procedure.

New Zealand bans sales of homes to foreigners
The move is aimed at cooling house prices and making properties more affordable to New Zealanders.

Tesla 'to be probed by regulators' over privatisation plan
According to reports, regulators want to question executives at the firm about its privatisation plans.

Westminster crash: Salih Khater named as suspect
Police are given more time to question Salih Khater over alleged attempted murder and terror offences.

Mystery Russian satellite's behaviour raises alarm in US
Official says "there is no way to verify" what object is and whether or not it may pose a danger.

Four shot in argument at Walmart checkout near Philadelphia
Police say a man pulled a gun from his sister's waistband and opened fire in the crowded building.

Myanmar Rohingya: Facebook 'still hosts hate speech'
More than 1,000 posts containing anti-Rohingya hate speech are found on the social network.

New pesticides 'may have risks for bees'
Attempts to find a new generation of pesticides to replace neonicotinoids have been dealt a potential blow.

Biometric Mirror: Reflecting the imperfections in AI
The personality trait rating system helps to highlight the flaws in artificial intelligence.

The victims of the Genoa bridge collapse
A young family on holiday, a chef from Chile, and an amateur footballer are named among the dead.

Amputee bride walks down the aisle
Against all odds, Amanda Flores not only walked down the aisle on her wedding day, but also danced.

Star Trek saga casts new Spock actor Ethan Peck
How will Ethan Peck compare to Leonard Nimoy and other actors who've played the pointy-eared science officer?

Goose called Gugu wins place at Chinese university
Gugu was accepted by the prestigious university after its owner says she was "reluctant to cook it".

Mesut Ozil racism row: Germany's minorities speak out with #MeTwo
Germany's minorities are speaking out about racism after the Mesut Ozil row over his Turkish roots.

Whale rescued from fishing net in Chile
The mammal was freed in an operation led by the Chilean Navy.

Inside Siberia’s isolated community of forgotten women
Photographer Oded Wagenstein met Siberian women who are left to face the struggles of old age alone.

Gaza's history-making female runner
How a young athlete from the Gaza Strip overcame prejudice and poverty to make Olympic history.

'Everyone was screaming to run'
A UK family has told of their terror after being caught up in the collapse of a Genoa motorway bridge.

What we know about Italy's devastating bridge collapse
What we know so far after a motorway bridge collapsed in the north-western Italian city of Genoa.

Heatwave reveals England's lost prehistoric sites
Neolithic monuments, Iron Age settlements and a Roman farm have all been made visible in crop marks.

Bringing up your baby as a vegan
Laceinne Cooper is raising her child on a plant-based diet. She explains how and why.

Reddit sleuth identifies car part, leading to hit-and-run arrest
Police make an arrest over a fatal hit-and-run after a Reddit sleuth identifies an obscure car part.

Viewpoint: Chinese mosque standoff risks peace in model Muslim province
China's determination to control religion puts progress at risk in a model city, writes David Stroup.

Why single Nigerian women battle to rent homes
Many landlords in Nigeria suspect single women of being prostitutes, making it difficult for them to rent.

Madonna at 60: The Queen of Pop in seven charts
What can a look at the numbers tell us about Madonna and her career?

BBC reporter's terrifying days amid Taliban assault on Ghazni
Assadullah Jalalzai's family were woken up by Taliban gunfire last Friday.

India-Pakistan pen pals write their own history
Thousands of students from both countries have exchanged letters as part of a peace initiative.

Are the Asian Games the Olympics+?
Two-thirds of the world's population are represented across an eclectic programme of sports, but can late hosts Indonesia pull it off?

England international Danny Cipriani charged with nightclub assault
The England international is also charged with larceny, assault on police and resisting arrest.

Kevin de Bruyne: Man City midfielder suffers knee injury in training
Manchester City midfielder Kevin de Bruyne is having tests on an injury to his right knee suffered in training on Wednesday.

Raheem Sterling: Silence over criticism is 'shameful', says Kick It Out chair
There has been a "shameful silence" over criticism of Manchester City winger Raheem Sterling, says anti-racism campaigner Lord Herman Ouseley.

Dele Alli's new goal celebration has got everyone having a go
Dele Alli's new goal celebration, unveiled in Spurs' 2-1 win at Newcastle on Saturday, has got everyone trying it - with Jesse Lingard, Olly Murs and a lot of you trying to perfect the pose.

Garbine Muguruza: Spanish defending champion beaten by Lesia Tsurenko in Cincinnati
Two-time Grand Slam winner Garbine Muguruza suffers a surprise defeat by Ukrainian Lesia Tsurenko in Cincinnati.

Jakarta: Fastest-sinking city in the world
With frequent floods, sinking markets and engulfed homes, by 2050 parts of Jakarta will be underwater.

Charlottesville remembered: 'A battle for the soul of America'
Last summer the far-right descended on Charlottesville. We revisited that weekend with those involved.

How smallpox claimed its final victim
How did British medical worker Janet Parker become the world's last victim of smallpox?

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