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This is how experts say we keep it from becoming reality
Even with slowed infection rates and increased vaccinations, officials say another devastating Covid-19 spike could be on the horizon depending on what the United States does next.

Federal judge rules eviction moratorium is unconstitutional
? Senate parliamentarian rules against including minimum wage in Covid relief bill ? Analysis: The House is set for a historic down payment on Biden's legacy

Hear Dr. Fauci's advice on how to avoid getting Covid-19 variant
Dr. Anthony Fauci tells CNN's Chris Cuomo about the importance of receiving the coronavirus vaccine, and how it can be helpful amid news of more variants spreading across the US.

Senate parliamentarian rules against including minimum wage in Covid relief bill
The Senate parliamentarian has ruled against including the increase in the minimum wage in the Covid relief bill.

Analysis: The House is set for a historic down payment on Biden's legacy
At any other time, the imminent House passage of a gargantuan $1.9 trillion bill that addresses many of the foundational goals of a new presidency would be regarded as a smashing victory for a White House only six weeks into a first term.

FDA advisers to consider third possible Covid-19 vaccine today
US Food and Drug Administration vaccine advisers are scheduled to meet Friday to discuss the potential emergency authorization of a third coronavirus vaccine for the US, this one made by Johnson &Johnson's vaccine arm Janssen Biotech.

Biden orders strikes in Syria
? Axelrod explains the message Biden is sending with strike ? Analysis: Saudi Arabia is experiencing the downside of betting on the Trump family

Proud Boys leader has no sympathy for lawmakers targeted by Capitol riot
? Ex-Proud Boys member on what it's like in the far-right group

Marjorie Taylor Greene posts anti-transgender sign across hall from lawmaker with transgender child

SE Cupp says this is why Marjorie Taylor Greene really entered politics
CNN's SE Cupp criticizes Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's "stunts" since joining Congress, saying the Georgia Republican came to Washington, DC, to become famous rather than represent her constituents.

McConnell says he'll 'absolutely' support Trump in 2024 if he's the GOP nominee

The suicide of the ex-USA Gymnastics coach who faced abuse charges was an 'escape from justice,' former gymnast says
The death of John Geddert, the US Olympic team coach who was charged with 24 felonies in connection with the abuse of young gymnasts, was an "escape from justice," said Sarah Klein, one of the many athletes who reacted to the news on Thursday.

Biden calls on 14-year-old prodigy to tackle climate change
14-year-old Anna Hursey is still in shock after receiving a message from the U.S. Embassy to help in President Joe Biden's mission to tackle climate change. The UK Cadet No.1 table tennis player already has a role as UNFCCC Young Champion and is now set to have global recognition for her work asking for action on climate change.

New surveillance video shows the horrific attack on Lady Gaga's dog walker
The Los Angeles Police Department is examining horrifying surveillance video showing two individuals attacking Lady Gaga's dog walker, opening fire on him and then fleeing the scene with the singer's two French bulldogs.

Analysis: Andrew Cuomo is in a very dangerous political place right now
Gov. Andrew Cuomo's spokesperson denied an allegation Thursday that the New York Democrat had sexually harassed a former employee, calling the allegations "quite simply false."

Russian diplomats and their families leave North Korea by hand-pushed rail trolley

Malaysian man wins landmark challenge against Muslim gay sex ban
A Malaysian man on Thursday won a landmark court challenge against an Islamic ban on sex "against the order of nature," raising hopes for greater acceptance of gay rights in the mostly Muslim country.

Late-night hosts mock new USPS truck design
Late-night hosts Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert and James Corden joke about the new USPS truck design and its new features.

South Korea extends social distancing measures as vaccinations begin

AT&T is selling a stake in DirecTV, ending an infamous saga
AT&T on Thursday sold a minority stake in its video business to private equity firm TPG. The deal values DirecTV, AT&T TV and U-Verse at roughly $16 billion combined ? less than a third of the $49 billion AT&T spent to buy DirecTV in 2015.

Opinion: Anti-Asian violence must be charged as a hate crime
Prosecutors need to charge anti-Asian violence as hate crimes. While any violent crime impacts the victim, a crime motivated by hate can impact entire groups of people, be they of a particular race, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

She survived childhood cancer. Now she's going into space
Hayley Arceneaux is slated to become the youngest American, the first pediatric cancer survivor, and the first-ever person with a prosthesis to journey into space, a landmark she said she hopes will inspire people with disabilities who previously thought such adventures were off-limits. Watch "Full Circle" every Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 6pm E.T.

US court awards $2.3 billion to USS Pueblo crew held hostage by North Korea more than 50 years ago
A US federal court has awarded $2.3 billion in damages to several crew members of the USS Pueblo and their surviving families, more than 50 years after North Korea seized the American naval vessel and took its crew hostage.

How this home gym is replacing personal trainers

Tiger Woods is transferred to a new LA hospital as fellow golfers express their hopes for full recovery
Following a car accident Tuesday morning in California that resulted in significant leg injuries and required an extraction from his vehicle by first responders, Tiger Woods now begins the arduous recovery process.

Analysis: Tiger Woods made us realize it's OK to love an imperfect athlete
There are a few moments, iconic and immediately recognizable, that define Tiger Woods' history in the public eye.

Britney Spears' conservatorship: Dad's lawyer speaks out on 'GMA'
Jamie Spears' attorney, Vivian Thoreen, spoke on his behalf on "Good Morning America" following the New York Times "Framing Britney Spears" documentary which reignited interest in the Spears' conservatorship.

Stanley Tucci's famous Negroni gets a special twist
While filming his CNN series "Searching for Italy," the actor and cookbook author elevated his famous recipe with a special ingredient: Balsamic vinegar.

'Frasier' is being rebooted, with Kelsey Grammer
Frasier Crane is still listening.

This Vincent van Gogh painting was kept hidden for a century
A painting of Paris by Vincent van Gogh, which has almost never been seen by the public after being stashed within a French family's private collection for more than a century, has finally been unveiled.

'Extraordinary': Petrified tree up to 20 million years old found intact in Lesbos
Experts have made an "extraordinary" discovery of a tree which is still intact after being petrified by a volcanic eruption 20 million years ago in Lesbos, Greece.

The week in 43 photos
Take a look at 43 photos of the week from February 18 to February 25.

Inside a luxury Thailand "golf quarantine"
At six in the morning, Heo Kwang-eum tees off another day in Thailand in coronavirus quarantine -- literally. He's one of dozens of South Korean visitors spending two weeks in isolation playing golf at a resort an hour north of Bangkok.

Owner plunges into frozen pool to save dog
A dog owner in Tennessee wasted no time jumping into a frozen pool to save her dog, Sid, who was stuck under a sheet of ice.

Hyundai's recall of 82,000 electric cars is one of the most expensive in history
Hyundai will recall 82,000 electric cars globally to replace their batteries after 15 reports of fires involving the vehicles. Despite the relatively small number of cars involved, Hyundai's recall is one of the most expensive in history, signaling how electric car defects could create hefty costs for automakers ? at least in the near future.

Best Buy just laid off 5,000 workers and will close more stores
Best Buy said Thursday that it laid off 5,000 workers this month and is planning to close more stores this year as more consumers buy electronics online.

What happened when one company switched to a four-day workweek
Permanent three-day weekends may seem like a dream, but they're a reality for workers at Elephant Ventures.

Mortgage rates are climbing. Don't panic
This year may have kicked off with the lowest mortgage interest rates in history, but the record lows aren't going to last. Rates are now starting to climb and are expected to continue heading higher throughout 2021.

The Bonbowl cookware set is a dorm kitchen game changer

Best sales to shop today: Apt2B, Columbia, Samsung and more

12 pieces of tech that double as decor

22 Target home products we're obsessed with right now

This foldable treadmill is perfect if you struggle to exercise at home

We put more than a dozen leggings to the test: Four stood out

Brightland olive oil is all over Instagram, but is it worth the hype?

Meet Bokksu, the Japanese snack box you should try ASAP

20 Amazon products our readers tried (and loved) in January

We tested 14 soundbars for months and found two clear standouts

Why you should get a 15-year mortgage ? and why you shouldn't

Take an extra $10 off with this Postmates promo code

We must confront the dark postscript to US's role in defeating the Nazis
Last weekend, the United States deported Friedrich Karl Berger, an ex-Nazi concentration camp guard. The deportation was seen as a triumph of justice. When commenting on the case, Acting Attorney General Monty Wilkinson lauded the efforts of law enforcement involved in the process, while affirming America isn't "a safe haven for those who participated in Nazi crimes."

What Tiger Woods means to Black America
We almost lost Tiger Woods in a gruesome car accident Tuesday along a Southern California highway during these final days of the month when America celebrates Black history. With apologies to late poet T. S. Eliot, such a horror would have made February the cruelest month, instead of April.

Ron Johnson's conspiracy theories are alarming
It's tempting to laugh at ridiculous conspiracy theories. In fact, we should laugh at them, but we must also take them seriously when they move from the fringes into the mainstream and then, most disturbingly, into the halls of power.

Kirsten Gillibrand: bring on the the reinforcements
Two overlapping crises have our country in a literal death grip: the Covid-19 pandemic that has killed more than 500,000 people, and the crushing economic downturn.

Neera Tanden is being treated unfairly

Political Briefing: From the hot seat to thin ice

Politically Sound: Fixing the US immigration system

The Point: What's happening with Covid relief?

Axe Files: Former US Sen. Heidi Heitkamp

Daily news briefings from CNN

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Skip this month's payment if you refinance today.

5 cards charging 0% interest until 2022

His rescue at a London protest inspired Michelle Obama and Prince Harry. Now, Patrick Hutchinson is turning his moment into a movement
It was a moment caught on camera -- a heroic act that thrust Patrick Hutchinson, a London father and grandfather, into the limelight.

Dutch parliament becomes second in a week to accuse China of genocide in Xinjiang
The Dutch parliament on Thursday passed a non-binding motion saying the treatment of the Uyghur Muslim minority in China amounts to genocide, the first such move by a European country.

More than a dozen slum residents in an Indian city say they thought they were being vaccinated. They were part of clinical trials
The white van arrived in slum areas of Bhopal, a city in central India, blasting a message over the speaker system that seemed too good to refuse: "Come and take the coronavirus vaccine and get 750 rupees ($10)."

See mesmerizing footage of Mount Etna spewing lava
Italy's Mount Etna, one of the most active volcanoes in the world, has had spurts of activity recently, spewing fountains of lava and ash into the air.

University of Tennessee, Knoxville, renames 2 dorms for Black civil rights leaders
Two dorms at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, will now bear the names of two Black civil rights leaders in the state "whose fight for equity and social justice transformed the state's higher education system and the university," according to a news release from the school.

Student protesters urge state to change Dixie State University's name
State Senate leaders in Utah say a bill to rename Dixie State University will get a debate this session, after a group of students rallied at the Capitol in favor of removing "Dixie" from the school's name.

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